surface pattern design and illustration



Hello, I’m Jessica, a surface pattern designer and illustrator based in the Pacific Northwest. My passion is to create whimsical art that makes people smile and say “I love that”. It’s amazing how the right design on a product can enhance special occasions or brighten up every day life. 


How I can help

I’m here to help you find the perfect design to bring your product to life and make people happy when they see it. My patterns and illustrations are sold or licensed on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. You can see a selection of my work here or check me out on Instagram @jessicaschroederart.

If you are looking for something that isn’t currently in my portfolio I would love to work with you bring that vision to life. You can contact me through this website, or email me directly at  with any questions.



My path to becoming a surface pattern designer wasn’t straight. It started early with a childhood love of drawing, painting, sewing and pretty much any craft carried in the local craft store.  It took a large detour when I went college and got a degree in mechanical engineering. I started my engineering career developing consumer appliances, which made me realize that making things that people use and enjoy brought a great deal of satisfaction.  

Eventually, I really missed having art in my everyday life. My love of sewing introduced me to all the beautiful fabrics patterns which started me on my journey to become a surface pattern designer.